Netherlands kits Euro 1992

New era was for Holland team with this Lotto kit open the 90s decade, in a elegant kind of design as his counterparts Umbro, guys of italian brand sponsor one of the hottest teams in those times. The kit was popular, i guess because so many years with Adidas.

Soviet Union kits Euro 1992 Qualifying

As the USSR national team had already booked a spot in Euro 1992 through the 1991 qualification tournament, the only way to preserve the spot for the post-Soviet team was to take part in the competition as a unified team. Here the kits dressed during the qualification stage, showing a crazy pattern design fashionable at the time.

CIS kits Euro 1992

The CIS national football team was a provisional national team of the Football Federation of the Soviet Union in 1992. Team would represent the Commonwealth of Independent States. They dressed adidas three stripes shoulders design. With the end of Euro 1992, the team was transformed into the Russia national team.

Wales kits Euro 1992 Qualifying

Great kit by umbro with his traditional elegant look and his geometrical patterns. After an absence of 16 years, Umbro returned as Wales' kit partner at a time when designs were becoming ever more outlandish, due largely to the growth in replica sales. Shirts were designed with an eye for how they would look worn with jeans on the High Street as much their appearance on the pitch.

Home kit kept the popular all-red look with some discrete trimmings in green and white. The shirt was manufactured with the same fabric also used for England's blue third strip of the period. The away kit was an adventurous business. Basically white, the shirt featured a complicated pattern in green and red over an abstract fabric. The shorts and stockings were identical in design to those of the home set, allowing elements to be mixed and matched if required.

Denmark kits Euro 1992

For me this kits designed by hummel is the king of all kits. As a curious detail the short numbers are different from the jersey. Anyway Denmark made a great and stunning Danish Fairy tales in Euro 1992 by participating the tournament as a replacement team of an abandoned Yugoslavia, and then later clinched the Euro 1992 title in the end.

Switzerland kits Euro 1992 Qualifying

Swiss team dressed this Blacky brand kit from 1990 to 1992, this swiss brand try to make impact in those years and one of his insignia teams was Switzerland. Blacky was known for playing a lot with patterns and colors. What we laughed today was innovative at that time. "The designs were a little debatable," says Jörg Stiel former goalkeeper of the FC Wettingen.

Uruguay kits World Cup 1986

Simple but always nice is the light blue charruas kit, In 1986 they will be remembered by the 1-6 score vs Denmark, probably they had not received 6 goals if they played with the light blue kit.